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UX Research

In order to make a good product, I believe you need to first gain an understanding of the people and the problem, who it affects, why it affects them, and what they actually need. I enjoy UX research because it combines lateral problem solving with empathy and understanding people, two things that I've enjoyed my entire life. 

Interaction Design

From research to implementation, I'm experienced with various workflows and screen design tools to create validated solutions that meet user needs. I'm at home designing native apps, web apps and websites.

Graphic Design

Whilst today I am a UX designer, I began my design journey starting out in illustration, webpage design, branding, logos and asset creation in 2012. These roots have given me an eye for detail and aesthetics as a comprehensive understanding of all areas of design.

Designing for cause

I endeavour to apply my skills to projects with beliefs and objectives that align with my own.